20 Best Handwritten Fonts

20 Best Handwritten Fonts

The 10 best premium paid fonts, and the 10 best free fonts! Hello friends! I am back to share with y’all another list of amazing handwritten fonts that I’ve discovered this year. You may have seen a few of my previous posts where I have shared some of my favorite new Romantic Script fonts or more … Read more

Chalkboard Lettering and Illustration – Lettering Love

Chalkboard lettering art

While some people may have thought that chalkboards had retired long ago, others are finding that they’re actually coming back in style. There are a lot of new types of chalk and chalk pens out there, many that are completely dust-free and that can last much longer than the old-school chalkboards that you’d find in … Read more

20 Best New Romantic Script Fonts, Free and Paid

20 best new romantic script fonts

The most beautiful and romantic cursive script fonts for invitations and more If you’re planning on designing your own wedding invitations, event stationery, or making your own cards, this beautiful collection of romantic script fonts is a great place to get started! As a graphic designer and typography addict, I am always searching the web … Read more

Lettering Love: Halloween Edition!

Halloween is finally here, and I’ve been seeing a ton of spook-tacular hand-lettered artwork everywhere! Below are just a few samples of some of the gourd-eous Halloween themed calligraphy that earned a shout-out for this week’s Lettering Love post! I love the variety of tools and styles shown here: markers, watercolor, digital drawing, and even chalkboard … Read more

Lettering Love: Masking Fluid

If you’ve never heard of or used masking fluids with your watercolors and lettering, you’re missing out on some really amazing results that can be achieved. There are a lot of different types of masking fluid available, including liquids, pens, tape, and glues. Simply start by using a masking pen or a brush with masking … Read more

Modern Wedding Signs – Homemade Finds

I’ve been noticing a lot of really unique and beautiful day-of wedding signs lately, and I’m loving all of the different styles and materials out there! There are so many different ways to break free from tradition when it comes to wedding signage. I especially love signs made from wood or acrylic, and the use … Read more

Lettering Love: Digital Monoline Lettering & Illustration

I’ve been really loving the look of mono-line script lettering lately. “Monoline” simply means the thickness of the lines stays the same throughout each letter and word. This is a little different than a lot of modern lettering styles that have been circulating lately, which vary the thickness of the lines on upstrokes and downstrokes. … Read more

Lettering Love: Traditional Nib Fountain Pens

For this edition of our Lettering Love post, I wanted to highlight some gorgeous traditional style calligraphy created using dip and fountain pens. A fountain pen is a type of nib pen that, unlike it’s predecessor, the dip pen, contains an internal reservoir of liquid ink. Did you know that dip pens and fountain pens have … Read more

Letter the Rainbow – Lettering Love

Welcome to our very first Lettering Love post! In these posts, we’ll be sharing some incredible, inspiring lettering and calligraphy. As a calligraphy newbie myself, I’ve become obsessed with scouring the web for amazing typography, calligraphy, and modern lettering artwork. I love discovering new techniques and styles. There are so many talented letterers out there! … Read more