Lettering Love: Masking Fluid

If you’ve never heard of or used masking fluids with your watercolors and lettering, you’re missing out on some really amazing results that can be achieved. There are a lot of different types of masking fluid available, including liquids, pens, tape, and glues.

Simply start by using a masking pen or a brush with masking fluid to draw and define the area that you want to keep white. Then, as you paint over the area, the colors will lay over top of the fluid without staining the white paper underneath. Once everything has dried, you can use your fingers or an eraser to wipe away the masking fluid, revealing clean white lines underneath!

Below are some stunning examples of hand lettering created using masking fluids. You can use these fluids in so many different ways to create beautiful results! I especially love those who think outside of the box, using the masking fluids on alternative papers like the black paper below, or the fourth example by Balettering on Instagram, who used a combination of the fluid and watercolor to create awesome looking letters!

I hope this post will inspire you to try out your own creations with masking fluid! Enjoy!

You Are Enough by Lissletters

Materials Used:
Ecoline Liquid Watercolors
Winsor & Newton Masking Fluid

You Are Enough_Lettering with Masking Fluid by LissLetters

Fantasy by LaurasDoodles

Materials Used:
Ecoline Watercolor Brush Pens
Molotow Masking Pen

Fantasy Lettering with Brush Pens and Masking by Laurasdoodles

Friday by Travelling.Calligrapher

Materials Used:
Finetec Metallic Watercolors
Molotow Masking Pen

Friday by Travelling.Calligrapher_Finetec and Masking Pen on Black Paper

Always Be Kind by Balettering

Materials Used:
Unspecified Watercolors and Masking Fluid

Always Be Kind by Balettering_Watercolor and Masking Fluid

Making Magic by LoveHandLettered

Materials Used:
Tombow Dual Brush Pens (blended with water)
Masking Fluid

Making Magic by LoveHandLettered_Tombow Dual Brush Pens and Masking Fluid

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