Chalkboard Lettering and Illustration – Lettering Love

While some people may have thought that chalkboards had retired long ago, others are finding that they’re actually coming back in style. There are a lot of new types of chalk and chalk pens out there, many that are completely dust-free and that can last much longer than the old-school chalkboards that you’d find in a classroom in the 80’s.

Lately, it’s common to walk down the sidewalk and see a gorgeous A-frame chalkboard sign outside of a bar or cafe, decorated with hand-drawn chalk lettering and artwork. I don’t know about you, but when I see a sign like this, I’m often compelled to go inside the business simply because I loved the sign! And it’s not just sidewalk signs that are making use of chalkboard lettering. You can find some gorgeous examples of chalkboard lettering on restaurant menus, murals, and wedding signs, too!

In honor of the chalkboard trend, I decided to compile this list of five incredible chalkboard lettering and illustration pieces for the latest post in the Lettering Love series. I hope you feel as inspired by these works of art as I did!

1. Le Tour De Vin by Jessica Riley (

Chalkboard Lettering - Le Tour De Vin by Jessica Riley

Materials Used: Crayola Dustless White Chalk

2. Retail Sidewalk Sign by Lisa Quine

Chalkboard Retail Sidewalk Sign Hand Lettered and Illustrated by Lisa_quine

Materials Used: VersaChalk Liquid Chalk Markers

3. Coffee, Flowers, & Weekends by Valerie McKeehan (Lily & Val)

Coffee Flowers and Weekends Chalk Lettering and Illustration by Valerie McKeehan of Lily & Val

Materials Used: Crayola Dustless White Chalk (Colorized in Photoshop)

4. The Best Day Ever Chalkboard Sign by Paige Thammavong (@hey.halle)

The Best Day Ever Chalkboard Lettering and Illustration - Wedding Day Chalkboard Sign by Hey.Halle

Materials Used: Crayola Non-Toxic Chalk in White and Various Greens

5. Hot Chocolate Bar Sign by @chiefchalker

Hot Chocolate Bar Chalkboard Sign by ChiefChalker

Materials Used: VersaChalk Liquid Chalk Marker in White

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