Lettering Love: Masking Fluid

If you’ve never heard of or used masking fluids with your watercolors and lettering, you’re missing out on some really amazing results that can be achieved. There are a lot of different types of masking fluid available, including liquids, pens, tape, and glues. Simply start by using a masking pen or a brush with masking … Read more

Lettering Love: Traditional Nib Fountain Pens

For this edition of our Lettering Love post, I wanted to highlight some gorgeous traditional style calligraphy created using dip and fountain pens. A fountain pen is a type of nib pen that, unlike it’s predecessor, the dip pen, contains an internal reservoir of liquid ink. Did you know that dip pens and fountain pens have … Read more

Letter the Rainbow – Lettering Love

Welcome to our very first Lettering Love post! In these posts, we’ll be sharing some incredible, inspiring lettering and calligraphy. As a calligraphy newbie myself, I’ve become obsessed with scouring the web for amazing typography, calligraphy, and modern lettering artwork. I love discovering new techniques and styles. There are so many talented letterers out there! … Read more