20 Awesome New Vintage Style Fonts - Free and Paid Premium

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The top 10 paid premium vintage fonts AND top 10 free vintage fonts recently created in 2018!

If you're a graphic designer like me, then you probably know what it means to be font-obsessed. I can scroll through pages and pages fonts and typefaces, but I still never feel like I have enough in my collection!

I especially love the classic look and feel of typography inspired by designs from the old days. When I think "vintage", I think of imagery anywhere from the early 1900's up to 1980 or so. There are certain styles that can really bring on a sense of nostalgia that I love. Designers across the world have used retro, vintage style fonts to keep this feeling alive.

Vintage fonts are perfect when used to create logos, labels, signs, and posters for any brand that wants to have give off a classic, retro vibe. So, if you're planning on creating a project that needs a premium or free vintage font, then you've come to the right place to find some great choices!

I curated this list of 20 awesome vintage fonts that were all recently made in 2018!

The list includes 10 of my favorite premium fonts, plus 10 retro fonts that are free for personal-use! You'll need a premium font for any commercial project. They each come with a Standard License from Creative Market. Plus, most of the premium fonts include a full set of ligatures and stylistic alternate letters that can really help your typography designs shine!

The list of free fonts can only be used for personal projects, like scrap-booking or card making. But don't worry, some of them have commercial-use licenses available. Just remember to always be sure to check the details of the licensing before using any font for a business related project!

Now, keep scrolling to check out the awesome list of 20 new vintage typefaces!

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links, meaning any purchases you make through these links helps support this blog at no additional cost to you.

Top 10 Paid Premium Vintage Fonts

1. Carlsons Vintage Font Bundle by Fortunes Co.
The Carlsons Vintage Layered Font Bundle
2. Countdown Ville Vintage Typeface by Design.co
Countdown Ville Vintage Typeface
3. Secret Society Serif Font by Hustle Supply Co.
Secret Society Vintage Hand Drawn Font Family
4. Hemera II Vintage Decorative Font by Konstantine Studio
Hemera II Vintage Display Font Typeface
5. The Victorian Fonts Collection (with 14 Fonts included!) by Burntilldead
The Victorian Fonts Collection by Burntilldead
6. Maretha Font Duo Vintage Script & Sans Font Pairing by Arterfak Project
Maretha Vintage Font Duo Script & Sans Serif Fonts
7. Arber Vintage Font by Wild Ones
Arbor Vintage Font Textured Serif Font
8. Rusted Orlando Vintage Script Font by Runsell Studio
Rusted Orlando Textured Vintage Font Family
9. Edmund Retro Style Typeface by Graphicfresh
Edmond Retro Style Textured Vintage Font
10. Braton Composer Bold Display Font by alit design
The Braton Composer Bold Decorative Vintage Font

Top 10 Free for Personal Use Vintage Fonts

1. Plasma Font by Peter Olexa
Plasma Regular Free Vintage Style Font
2. Hotel de Paris Luxury Vintage Font by StereoType
Hotel de Paris Luxury Vintage Font
3. Batriysh Font by Sotibrother
4. Black Jack Script by Bangkit Tri Setiadi
Black Jack Script Vintage Tattoo Style Font
5. Theobald 100% Free Vintage Serif Font by Bartosz Wesolek
6. Green Light Vintage Font by Peter Olexa
7. The Artist Sans Serif Retro Font by Madetype
The Artist-Sans-Retro-Font
8. Daisy Roots Vintage Font by Chequered Ink
9. Castile Vintage Display Font by Peter Olexa
10. Trendgetter Vintage Font by Chequered Ink

Thanks for checking out my hand-picked list of free and premium Vintage fonts! If you are yearning to see even more amazing fonts, check out my list of 20 Romantic Script Fonts!

Let me know in a comment below if you decided to use any of these fonts for a project! Cheers!



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