20 Best New Romantic Script Fonts, Free and Premium

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The most beautiful and romantic cursive script fonts to kick of 2018!


If you’re planning on designing your own wedding invitations, event stationery, or making your own cards, this beautiful collection of romantic script fonts is a great place to get started! As a graphic designer and typography addict, I am always searching the web for new fonts that I can add to my collection. It’s so easy to download and install fonts on your computer and use them for any number of creative projects. (If you didn’t know, you can simply download the font file, double-click to open the preview, then press “Install”, and the font will become available to use with your preferred software!)

Each of the fonts in this list is new to the market as of early 2018, so you can feel confident that your creations will be unique and original! I included my top 10 favorites of each free script fonts, and paid premium fonts. Free fonts are great to test out different styles or to create something for a personal project. Just be sure to double-check the licensing from the designer if you plan to use any of the free fonts for commercial use. Keep in mind that many free fonts have a limited amount of characters included as a demo, so be sure to check the full character set before committing to use a free font for your project.

Paid premium fonts can certainly be worth the price if you’re a professional designer, or if you want the best quality font files for an important project such as wedding invitations. Not only do you get a standard commercial license with purchase, but the font files typically include stylistic alternative letters and swashes. This will help the script look more realistic and interesting, as if it were done by hand! The following paid fonts included in this list are all from Creative Market, which is a wonderful marketplace for design assets, graphics, and fonts. I use graphics from Creative Market in many of my projects, and I would recommend them to anyone. Plus, you can download six new free design assets every single week if you sign up for an account!

Now keep scrolling to browse these beautiful, romantic script fonts! Enjoy!

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links, meaning any purchases you make through these links helps support this blog at no additional cost to you.

Top 10 Paid Premium Fonts

1. Camelia Modern Script Font by Fargun Studio
2. Lindsey Smith Script by Dirtyline Studio
3. Awakening Handwritten Script by Giemons
4. Austin Brush Script by Typehill
5. Dusty Lane Brush Script by Switzergirl
6. Salome Signature Font by Sinikka Li
7. Hollandaise Script Font by Ally Heart
8. Vamellia Brush Script by Youngtype
9. Paper and Twine Font Duo by Kirsten Louise
10. Delima Script Font by banks

Top 10 Free Script Cursive Fonts

1. Asyiela Calligraphy Font by AQR Typeface
Asyiela Script Font - Best New Romantic Script Fonts
2. October Moon by Misti's Fonts
October Moon Script Font - Best New Romantic Script Fonts 2-01
3. Silhouetto Script by Kirsten Louise
Silhouetto Script Font Demo - Best New Romantic Script Fonts 2-01
4. Stay Wildy by Dikas Studio
Stay Wildy Handdrawn Font - Best New Romantic Script Fonts
5. Mellony Script Font by Alit Design
Mellony Script Font - Best New Romantic Script Fonts
6. Athena of the Ocean Font by Cat.B
Athena of the Ocean Font - Best New Romantic Script Fonts 2-01
7. Signature of the Ancient Font by Octotype
Signature of the Ancient Script Font - Best New Romantic Script Fonts 2-01
8. Journey to Thailand by Typhoon Type
Journey to Thailand Light - Best New Romantic Script Fonts
9. Honeymoon Script by Billy Argel
Honeymoon Script Font Demo - Best New Romantic Script Fonts
10. Special Touch Script by BLKBK
Special Touch Script Font Demo - Best New Romantic Script Fonts 2-01

I hope you were inspired by this list of 20 beautiful and romantic new script fonts! If you have any questions or comments, I’d love to hear them below.

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