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In last past few years, I've noticed myself becoming more and more of a plant lady. I never thought I would say that, since I struggled to keep alive most of the plants I owned in the past! (Another reason to love succulents!) But nowadays, I dream of filling my home with plants of all different sizes and colors, creating my very own bohemian urban jungle.

For now, I only have a few plants and some succulents to care for. Still, each plant is special and unique in its own way, and deserves an awesome planter to call home! So naturally, I scoured through pages of really cool planters and pots on Etsy and curated a few of my favorites to share! I love knowing that each item was handmade with care by an Etsy artist.

Check them out and let me know your thoughts in a comment below!

Black and White Carved Ceramic Planters by JenSpringCeramics

Black and White Carved Ceramic Planters by JenSpringCeramics

Concrete and Copper Painted Planters by UCDesigns

Concrete and Gold Planters, Set of 3 by UCDesign

Whale Planter Vase for Plants and Succulents by Meow3DStore

3D-Printed Whale Planter Vase by Meow3DStore

Dotted Stripe Clay Pot by ERINMCDesign

Dotted Stripe Clay Planter by ErinMCDesign

Large Hanging Sea Urchin Air Plant Planter by TwistedAcres

Hanging Sea Urchin Planter with Air Plant by Twisted Acres

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